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About World Pillow

World Pillow designed by a physical therapist with your neck in mind. Familiar with the anatomy of the neck and with more than 35 years of experience, designed a unique Head and Neck travel pillow named ‘World Pillow’.

World Pillow fits the anatomical structure of the cervical spine, thus guaranteeing that the neck will not be pushed forward alleviating any pressure at the back of the neck.

World Pillow

Changing Flight Experience. First Time, Everytime

Ergonomic design that promote great functions

  • Optimal Head and Neck support ensuring comfortable sleep in a seated position keeping you rested and pain free.
  • Preventing side to side movement and ensuring the head remains in an upright position and relaxed while sleeping.
  • Maintaining the natural curvatures of the neck, keeping proper alignment of the head neck and spine.
  • World Pillow's rounded and smooth edges add additional comfort and support.

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